Training You in Training Dogs: Sportdog Training Collars

Training a dot for working or hunting is very different than training the average household dog. When you are training a hunting dog in the field the commands tend to be more complicated and verbal correction is not possible. In this scenario, Sportdog training collars become a very useful piece of equipment designed to help hunting dogs.

Hunting Commands

A dog that misinterprets a command while hunting can mean that the prey gets away, which is why Sportdog training collars are very valuable. Rather than the same tones used over and over again you have 16 different stimulus levels that you can use for corrections.

Another useful feature of these collars is that they let you set the intensity of the tone and vibrations that your dog will receive. This way you can use different tones and vibrations for different commands and behavior. These features and others are what make Sportdog training collars different from other electrical collars.

Lasting and Flexible

There no need to worry about replacing Sportdog training collars often. The collars are waterproof and will be able to withstand submersion in water, this is important if your dog will be swimming or near water.

Unlike most other remote training collars the Sportdog training collars can be expanded to train up to three dogs. And if your dog runs away or chases a different pray, the one mile range of these collars are more than enough to make it stop before losing signal.

Easy To Use

Don’t worry if you have never used Sportdog training collars before or if you don’t have any previous training experiene. Each set comes with a manual and a DVD that will explain you how to use the collar to train your dog. The material included will solve all basic questions about training dogs with the collar. Once you learn how to use these collars you will not want to train your dogs any other way.

Sportdog training collars are specifically designed to tackle the needs of hunting dogs. They have a range of one mile, giving you and your dog enough space to work. Also,Sportdog training collars are highly adaptable for teaching complex commands.

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