Guidelines for Labrador Diet and Nutrition

We see them on TV, in the aisles at the grocery stores and signs all over our favorite pet store. But how do you know what is really the best diet that meets your Labradors nutritional needs? Before you go out and buy the most expensive bag of dog food on the shelf just because someone else uses it, get the facts about exactly what you need to know about your Labradors care.

Ingredients for Labrador Care

There are certain things that you must consider in Labrador care if you want a healthy Labrador down the road. Many vets recommend vitamin E to help combat dry, itchy skin that is so prevalent in Labradors. If you can’t find dog food that has vitamin e included, though there are a few brands out there that do add it specifically for this reason, you can buy it at your local drug store and simply squeeze the capsule onto the food. One capsule a day should be enough but always check with your vet before changing anything to do with your Labradors diet and nutrition.

When it comes to Labrador care most know that protein is essential when it comes to ensuring your Labradors health; however all proteins are not made alike. When reading the ingredients, find out where the protein comes from. If the protein is from soy it is not going to have the same benefits as protein from meat and the body will not store unneeded protein as it might do with other nutrients. If a dog food claims a rather high level of protein don’t get suckered as your Labrador will expel what his body doesn’t need. Look for something that has somewhere around 22 to 25 per cent protein and be sure that protein comes from meat.

While just as we worry about our own weight we also worry about too much fat when it comes to our Labradors diet and nutrition. While you don’t want a great deal of fat, a minimum of 5 per cent fat is important in a Labradors diet. The average dog food has around 10 per cent which is still within an acceptable range but still be aware that you don’t want to be giving your Labrador too much fat either. Labradors have a very healthy appetite and if you give them a lot of fat, they will eat a lot of fat.

Always make sure that any food you consider in your Labradors care has vitamins and minerals included. Talk with your vet to find out what is most essential in your Labrador’s dietary and nutritional needs.

How Much Should I Feed My Labrador?

Knowing how much food to put out is essential in Labrador care. Puppies can be rather gluttonous and many will eat until they fall over if the food is there in front of them. A puppy over the age of four months will get plenty of nutrition with about 1 ½ cups of food at each feeding. Remember, a puppy is like an infant and can’t be fed once in the morning and be good for the rest of the day. Feeding about four times a day is usually adequate when it comes to Labrador diet and nutrition care. You can add a little more if your puppy still seems to be hungry but do not give them the entire days food at once as they will often eat the whole food in one sitting! But don’t worry, with time, you will know what is the right diet to feed your Labrador.

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