Trying Out Some Delicacies You Can Cook For Your Labrador

For every Labrador owner, one of the joys of Labrador care comes from pampering your pet. Part of that pampering includes giving them treats. With all of the preservatives and fillers in many pet foods and treats many Labrador owners are finding they prefer to cook some of their own delicacies for their Labrador.

When creating any treat for your Labrador always consider what is best in nutrition for your Labradors care. In general human food is not always recommended for any animal but in limited quanity with a bit of a care to avoiding certain things such as processed sugar or toxic foods like chocolate, there is nothing wrong with making special treats for your favorite furry friend.

Protein Power

Labrador care calls for a good deal of protein so including things such as beef and chicken or peanut butter are always good. Do keep in mind to always have plenty of water on hand as peanut butter while a good tasting treat will make your Labrador thirsty.


Yogurt is a good source of calcium and a great way to give your Labrador a cool treat in the hottest months of the summer to cool him down. A delicacy you can make for your Labrador needs 2 cups of plain or vanilla yogurt, two tablespoons of honey for added sweetness and a mashed banana. Pour into ice cube trays or something very small and when you get yourself a bowl of your favorite ice cream pull one of these yogurt cubes out for your Labrador to enjoy. The ingredients are safe for your Labrador but don’t get carried away, just as too much dairy will upset a human tummy it can also upset your Labradors tummy if not given in small portions. Remember that good Labrador care includes not giving them too much of any good thing.

When making some delicacies for your Labrador, remember to exercise caution. Dog biscuits are a favorite treat of almost any owner and certainly that of the Labrador. There are many recipes include things such as eggs, peanut butter, oatmeal and many other healthy options for your Labrador. A quick and easy recipe is one that includes many healthy ingredients such as:

1 ¾ cup whole wheat flour. Never use white flour for your Labrador
1 ¼ cup oatmeal
1 egg
1 ¼ tablespoon vegetable oil
¼ cup peanut butter
Combine dry ingredients and then mix the wet until all ingredients are well moistened
Shape into a ball or roll and refrigerate until thoroughly chilled
Preheat oven to 350 and shape dough into about ¼ inch thickness with cookie cutters. Bake about 45 minutes to one hour. Watch closely in the last twenty minutes to ensure that you don’t burn them. Once set, let the biscuits cool before feeding this delicacy to your Labrador.

Labrador care does not require expensive equipment and some delicacies that you can cook yourself don’t have to cost a fortune. Make these special treats for your Labrador and watch him enjoy your extra efforts. With proper grooming of your Labrador, he will know how special he is to you and you will take comfort in knowing you are providing the best Labrador care you can.

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