Grooming Your Labrador: All You Really Need is Patience

As you consider a grooming routine in your Labrador care plan there are certain things you may want to do differently with a Labrador versus another breed of dog. Keep in mind that Labradors often have dry and itchy skin and over bathing can make this uncomfortable condition even worse.

Basic Grooming

While Labrador care may be different in some ways, there are other basics that are standard in most pet care. Brush your Labrador often and well, taking the time to check for fleas, ticks, burrs and skin irritations. Taking the time to brush your Labrador at least once a week can not only make your Labrador’s coat look nice but you are also assured to find any areas of concern in their skin such as inflammation or hot spots.

Labrador grooming is also a good time to spend some quality time with your pet. Labradors love attention and affection, spending a little time brushing your Labrador will keep him healthy but also happy to have your time and attention. While brushing your dog this might also be a good time to go through a few extra steps of your Labradors care and check his ears for mites or any other irritation they may have picked up along the way. If the ear canal is inflamed or you notice excessive or discolored ear wax it is likely that your Labrador has ear mites and you should contact your vet as soon as possible to get a prescription to take care of this problem.


Where Labrador care varies from many other breeds of dogs is in the bathing process. Shampoo tends to dry out the skin and for that reason many vets recommend only bathing your Labrador when he stinks. Labradors love water and they love to swim which can often cause some pretty strong smells coming from your Labrador, if it’s possible just rinse them off with the hose and apply a pet conditioner to his skin and let it sit as long as your Labrador will allow before rinsing.

A good grooming tip for your Labrador is to make sure the conditioner gets down to the skin is by massaging it directly to the skin of your pet. Most Labradors will take this kind of contact as affection therefore they will let you massage as long as your are willing. Even just a few minutes of this will help keep their skin from drying out too badly. Double check any products your buy for your Labrador and be sure it doesn’t include astringents or alcohol as these ingredients will likely irritate your Labradors skin.

Additional things to in your Labradors care and grooming would include dental care and checking the nails to see if they need clipping. If you don’t know how to clip your Labradors nails do not attempt to do so without having a groomer or your vet show you exactly how to do so. You can easily clip too far and hurt your Labrador and leave them susceptible to infection.

Labrador care and grooming is not difficult especially if you have all what you need to groom your Labrador.

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