How to House Break your Pet: Labrador Potty Training

One of the most frustrating chores is Labrador potty training your pup but if you follow a few basic principles you will find yourself cleaning up fewer messes.

Take Your Labrador Outside Often

Labrador puppies eat often and with that they need to go potty often. For effective Labrador potty training you have to pay attention to your Labrador. After he has finished eating keep a very close eye on him and take him outside within 15 minutes after eating as they digest their food rather quickly when they are young and have little control. Each time your puppy goes outside praise him and let him know that he has done well.

Labradors thrive on praise and will quickly learn that when they are outside and go potty you will be pleased with them. Keep a very close eye on your puppy and when you notice him sniffing around, he is likely looking for a place to go potty, take them outside immediately. If you catch them in the act pick them up and tell them no very firmly and take them outside. This will teach the dog that you don’t like it when he goes inside and that he must go outside when he wants to go potty.

Labrador potty training is not easy and it seldom happens quickly. Many suggest cage training as a dog will not go to the bathroom where they sleep. If you are busy and not able to watch your Labrador closely put him in a cage that allows him enough room to move about comfortably. When you take him out of the cage take him outside immediately and praise him when he goes potty. You must be one hundred per cent consistent when Labrador potty training if you want your Labrador to be one hundred per cent consistent when going potty outside.

Yelling, screaming or hitting is not effective in Labrador potty training; you will teach your Labrador to be afraid of you and often puppies don’t understand what they have done wrong so they don’t know why they are in trouble. A good firm no and taking them outside is the most effective method of behavior deterrent in Labrador potty training. While in the past many would rub their puppy’s nose in the offending matter this is not recommended by animal professionals, once again because puppies don’t understand why this is being done.

Time, patience, effort and praise are your most effective tools when Labrador potty training. Teach your Labrador what will make you happy and your Labrador will respond if you give them the time they need to learn. Once you have all kinds of training under control, you can then look at Labrador rescue and adoption.

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