Labrador puppies

How Much Do Purebreed Golden Retriever or Labrador Puppies Cost?

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

I am wanting to buy a Golden Retriever/Lab puppy! I am a teen and have brought a Cocker Spaniel puppy all by myself and I have paid for her shots, food, toys, cage, id tag, treats and etc.

I would say $400-$500 for a decent quality puppy. Show quality can easily be $1000 or more.

How Much Do Purebreed Golden Retriever or Labrador Puppies Cost?

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

I am wanting to buy a Golden Retriever/Lab puppy! I am a teen and have brought a Cocker Spaniel puppy all by myself and I have paid for her shots, food, toys, cage, id tag, treats and etc.

I would say $400-$500 for a decent quality puppy. Show quality can easily be $1000 or more.

At How Many Months Do Labrador Retriever Puppies Usually Lose Their Temporary Teeth?

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

my dog started losing hers at like 6.5 months

How Do I Talk My Mom Into Letting My Labrador to Have Puppies?

Monday, December 20th, 2010

So.. i really want my labradore to have puppies.. but my mom says no… And my dad kinda says yes but its my moms decision and she doesnt even take care of the dogs… How do i talk her into it? Please answer. =)

Your mom is right.

Why do you want her to have pups in the first place.

1-is she a champion show dog, if no, then don’t breed her

2-has she been tested for genetic disorders

3-has she been tested for temperament.

4—Get her spayed if no to any of the above.

It costs lots of money to breed, then raise a litter of pups, and you are risking loosing your dog at the time she has the pups, there is always a risk factor when pups are being born,.

You are not an experienced breeder, so why do you want to breed, just to let her have pups is not a good reason, or that you want a pup from her…adopt a pup and save a life.

There are so many pups in the shelters today, that are waiting for good homes, please do not add to the over population in our shelters now.

I volunteer at a No Kill Shelter, and so many dogs and pups, no homes, no place to put them, they sit in cages or foster homes just waiting on someone like you that wants another puppy, so go and adopt, and get your dog spayed,save a life, maybe hers by not breeding her.

Please listen to your mom, she is a smart lady, do not breed your dog…Please….

Good luck with your decision, I hope it is the right one…

How Big Do Labrador Puppies Grow?

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Plz Awnser

mine reached 65 lbs at 7 months but their parents were pretty small. I’ve seen some reach 90.

Things to Know About Labrador Retriever Puppies?

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

I’m thinking about getting a Lab puppy soon, but first I want to get a general idea of how they are as puppies. I’ve heard they’re very wild, any way to control this? How early should you start training them? When do they stop being crazy all the time and start to calm down? How clever are they? I just want a summary of what a Lab puppy is like. Thanks!

Let me tell you about our 11 month old, Guinness Stout:
- when we selected him, he was the most confident pup in the litter and very active.
- He is very smart and only took about 4 solid weeks of potty training to stop having accidents in the house - even over night (althou he woke us up barking at 6am to go out)
- We started teaching him basic obedience commands at about 9 weeks - he was learning one new one every night and we only trained for about 10 min a night.
- We take him for 2 walks every day (started with small walks and gradually increased)
- We played outside with him every day for at least 30 min - fetch, chase, tug of war.
- He still is a bundle of energy after all of that.
- He loved to chew! Fortunately, we had toys for him to chew on and my furniture survived.
- He loves to counter surf! We’re still working on breaking that habit.

Lab puppies need a lot of exercise = both physically and mentally. It is very challenging and rewarding when you have a great dog. They are GREAT dogs if you take the time needed to train them.

How Long to Labrador Retriever Puppies Stay Little?

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

also i would like to know if there is a breed that looks like labs but stay little forever. Thanks!
I was just curious. no need to get snappy i would not throw the dog out after its fully grow.

my labador retreiver had 9 puppies a few years ago they gotbig pretty fast, i would say about 6-7 months. and they’re are such thing as a minature labador. they’re hard to find but they do exist(: hope this helps!

Plz Tell Me the Diet for a My Labrador Puppies?

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

hai… i had buy a labrador puppy … its only 1 month old… plz tell me the diet for him…. now am giving him milk and ceralac .. plz tell me a balanced diet for my puppy


For my pets I gave them Milk which is diluted with 1/4 water. This is easy on their stomach too. Don’t give ceralac so soon. may be when he is 2 months. Later u can give bread soaked in milk so that it is soft for him to swallow. Try to give the pedigree puppy food 3rd month onvwards but only once a day the rest of the meals should be as usual.
Cook rice with some veggies like carrot, cabbage, beans etc with little chicken and blend the same. This can be given twice and milk or other light food the other 2 times.
Better if the rice is for lunch and dinner and the milk for breakfast and evenings.

Before the age of four months, puppy feeding should consist of four meals a day. These must be evenly spaced out to avoid over stretching the puppies stomach.

Pl Tell Me the Best Breeder in the Country for Labrador and Beagle Puppies?

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

i have a male adult boxer dog bought from aryonoush, hyderabad. now i wish to buy a good pedigree puppy of labrador breed or a beagle. so pl advice.

This question is all relative. Different people will value different things in a breed. Because of this no breeder is going to be "best" for all individuals as many of them breed dogs for different temperaments or purposes.

I personally would prefer a breeder who focuses more on producing dogs used for work as opposed to breeding for show rings.

Could you elaborate on what you plan to do with your dog? It might help bring in more constructive or useful answers.

How Many Pounds a Week Do Labrador Puppies Gain.?

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

my puppy is 10 lbs at 7 weeks, or 1 and 3 weeks old. (i think)
i just really don’t want to do math.
how many pounds should he gain every month?

Every lab is different, and it depends on what you want with your dog.
At birth, a Labrador puppy from average parents and an average litter (6 puppies) weighs about 1 pound or less. During the first 8 weeks of its life the puppy gains about 2 pounds a week. An 8 week old Labrador puppy weighs between 11 and 17 pounds. From 8 weeks to 26 weeks (6 months) this growth proceeds in about the same way - an average six month old Labrador weighs between 50 and 60 pounds. Dogs are heavier than bitches. After the age of 26 weeks the growth slows down. When your Labrador is one year old, the weight will be 65 to 80 pounds for dogs and 55 to 70 pounds for bitches. Between the age of one year and three years they gain another 5 to 10 pounds.
The best way to judge what your Labrador should weigh is to estimate if his weight is appropriate for him. As a Labrador breeder, I like to see some "bone" in my Labradors, and since thrifty feeding during the first six months often is at the expense of the "bone", I like to see some "puppy fat" in my puppies. This puppy fat disappears at adolescence, it serves as a source of energy and it cushions and insulates vital organs.
Start just by looking at your puppy from the side. If you don’t see any ribs at all, you slightly stroke from front to back over his ribcage and feel for the ribs. If you can feel them with a light touch, your puppy’s weight is perfect. If you need more pressure to feel the ribs, he is overweight and it would be better to cut back a little on his food.
If your puppy is older than six months and you want a healthy working dog, you should be able to see the outline of his last 2 to 3 ribs while he is growing but you shouldn’t see more than 5 or 6 ribs. This would be an acceptable weight for a working dog, also when he’s an adult. If you can see most of his ribs, you need to feed him more. Sadly enough, the ideal weight for a show dog is 9 to 18 pounds more than the ideal weight for a working dog.
Judging your Lab’s weight this way ensures that it is right for him and not just right for the average member of the breed. It is almost always possible to adjust the feeding schedule to ensure proper weight in a puppy fed primarily dog food. It can be harder if he is getting treats, snacks, or has access to outside food sources like the neighbours.

You can use feeding formula and schedules, but it’s still better to use the sight and feel method to make sure that your particular puppy is not too fat or too thin.