Labrador Puppies Go By Longer Names

The number of ideas that spring to mind when searching for Labrador puppy names can be quite mind boggling and one may easily become confused. However, take heart from a number of useful guidelines that can help find a suitable Labrador puppy name for your pet. To aid the Labrador puppy in hearing its name and responding well to it one may consider using a name that has more than one syllable and a long name is easy for the dog to hear; for instance Helgusen is better than Hans.

Should Not Be Similar To a Command

You should also ensure that the name you select for your Labrador puppy is not similar to another word that may confuse the dog and it should certainly not be the same as a command. The name for the Labrador puppy should be able to match its personality and a spicy and fun name would be nice to repeat and it may often require a fair bit of time and energy in finding the ideally suited name. Remember a name like Beau may be sweet but it could cause confusion as it sounds much like “NO” and should not figure high on the list of desirable names.

Once a name has been selected and given to the Labrador puppy one should use it often in order that it learns as well as responds to it quickly. When playing with it or petting or hugging it one should call its name and remember that it is not a wise course of action to call its name when scolding or disciplining it since you want it to like its name and it may not respond well if its name is taken with a raised voice.

One can notice that the Labrador puppy is a strong animal and so its name may be one that denotes strength or one may choose to name it for its affection and intelligence or even according to its color. The way that the Labrador behaves may also provide a clue as to its future name and a dog that steals could aptly be called Bandit while one that loves to go in the car could be called Traveler. If the Labrador puppy is stubborn or sweet and good looking, these characteristics could form the basis of naming it to denote its personality traits.

If one has a show dog, then one should name it after its pedigree and the name chosen should denote strength and for showing affection, the name may be shortened to give it a nickname. Whatever name is chosen, one should be consistent and this should result in the dog responding well even before the name has been fully uttered.

One can also try giving it a name that is an adjective and the names of famous people provides another good source for a Labrador puppy name. One could name the male Labrador, Trooper, Cruiser, Duke or Goldy or Buster, Snoopy, Digger, Black or Pepper and name the female Sabrina, Freya, Geraldine, Gretna, Ginger, Maggie, Sasha, Princess, Sophie, Missie and Chelsea. Having named the Labrador puppy one should now turn one’s attention to general Labrador care.

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