What Is the Difference Between a Labrador and a Labrador Retriever?

i want to get a labrador but i don’t know weather to get a labrador retriever or just a labrador because i don’t know the difference, so what is the difference?

no difference

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  1. GucciGirl says:

    They are the same breed. Labrador is short for labrador Retriever.
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  2. Kaylee H says:

    Um I think they are the same. If not, the labrador retriever probably retrieves sticks and toys more then a regular labrador. Have fun with your new dog!
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  3. The Scarlet Spider says:

    u add the word "retriever"
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  4. ImKindaAwesomeAtBingo says:

    maybe you meant the difference between a labrador retriever and a golden retriever
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  5. pineapple girl007 says:

    labrador is short for labrador retriever its the same breed also a lab is the same thing
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  6. britladyathome says:

    A retriver is a ‘type’ of dog - like terrier.

    There are a number of different types of retriever - labrador, golden, flat coated, curly coated etc….

    They were originally working dogs who were bred for their ability to retrieve!

    Whilst terriers were bred to terrorise! )
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  7. obsessedwithrice says:

    they r the same
    lab or labrador for short
    full name - labrador retriever
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  8. janet_james1948 says:

    They are one and the same Labrador is shorter the saying labrador retriever and lab is even shorter
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  9. Vorniee says:

    They are exactly the same.

    Hope I helped

    (I have one by the way! )
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  10. Abuggie says:

    no difference
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  11. choclate2796 says:

    there is no difference just labs are the same breed as labrador retriever on that labs are short haired and come in different colours.
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    i have had a lab and golden retriever (i think thats what u ment) and they were no different

  12. TritanBear says:

    Same breed Labrador and Labrador Retriever are the same dog. Lab, Labrador are just the short vocabulary. The are two style of Labs, English and the American same breed same registry the look different and the American type has more energy as they are use for the field trials. The English are stocky with a "block type head. And you will see that style in the confirmation ring.
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  13. xox-chelsea-xox says:

    lol, they are the same breed, labrador is short for labrador retriever =], they are great dogs, very intelligent! x
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  14. Louise says:

    They are the same breed. However, you can get labs that are working lines, pet lines and show lines. Working labs can be hard work and need to be given a job to do at all times. Make sure you find a good breeder - read up on puppy mills etc. to make sure you do not fall into that trap and remember pet shops source their pups from the same place, which results in cruelty and poor pups. Look at the kennel club website.
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