Labrador Temperament: What’s Right about This Breed?

There are so many good things about this breed that one can truly learn to love and care for them and be paid back in the same coin. The Labrador retriever has a sweet, loving and affectionate temperament that is strengthened by its lovableness as well as patience. This is a very intelligent breed that is loyal as well as willing and full of high spirits. They love to play and are lively as well as good natured and their fondness for the water is extreme as these good swimmers love to swim.

An Excellent Nature

The Labrador temperament is excellent and they are reliable and friendly and are wonderful with children and equally lovable around other dogs. The Labrador temperament is such that it longs for human attention and likes to feel to be a part of the family and is also easy to train. If socialized properly, the Labrador is friendly to strangers; otherwise it may be reserved and it does make a wonderful watchdog though one should not go so far as to call them guard dogs, even though there are some that have been used for guarding.

One should be aware that if one leaves the Labrador to itself it may destroy things and one needs to train them early. Training is important as they have strong necks and can easily pull themselves clear of a leash unless trained not to do so. The Labrador temperament is different in the show line and field line and the show line variety are heavier and much friendlier than the field line that is very energetic as well as highly strung. The best Labrador pet may often be a combination of a show and field line. The Labrador temperament also can be said to be dominant as well as independent and they have talents that include hunting, tracking as well as retrieving.


The Labrador temperament also makes it to be a useful watchdog, and is found suitable for police work, narcotics detection as well as used as a guide for the blind. It is also useful as a service dog for disabled people, used in search and rescue operations and can sled, cart and be agile and very obedient. The Labrador temperament of the English bred variety is a lot calmer and laid back than its American counterparts and English Labradors are quicker to mature than the American version.

The Labrador temperament is a hallmark of this remarkable breed and its ideal disposition towards others is kindly as well as gregarious and it has a tractable nature and is also ever ready to please and is generally not aggressive towards human beings or to other animals. People are generally drawn towards the Labrador thanks to its gentleness and intelligence as well as adaptability, all of which combine to make it an ideal acquisition.

The owner may find it to be a suitable pet dog if he or she has a liking for sport and the outdoors and should be able to take it to the water and let it swim. It is quite strong and so one should be able to manage it without fuss or bother. You should want the Labrador if you are prepared to own a large and bouncy as well as enthusiastic dog that should have a short easy-care coat and is cheerful and which will thrive on vigorous exercises as well as athletic activities. Once you decide on a Labrador as a pet you should learn all about the physical appearance of the Labrador.

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