The Colorful Types of Labradors

Everyone loves Labradors and given the many colors and types of Labradors everyone has a favorite. Gaining in popularity are the English LabradorRed Labrador and White Labrador. But here are the more common and favored Labradors.

Black Labradors

This seems to be one of the most commonly recognized type of Labrador. With his sleek black coat and big brown eyes he is hard to resist when asking for someone to pet him or to offer him a treat. Of the Labrador family, the black Labrador seems to be the most territorial. He doesn’t take kindly to sharing his property or his humans with others but he will do so grudgingly with the owner’s insistence. The black Labrador seems to suffer the greatest from skin conditions.

Yellow Labrador

The yellow Labrador is the Labrador with the most variances in shade and color. Their eye color can vary from yellow to chocolate brown and their fur will be shades of white, yellow, tan and even some touches of brown here and there. In many ways this is the most unique type of Labrador and they also shed more than the others. They tend to be the friendliest of any type of Labrador and are always happy to welcome new friends to come and play with them. They love to visit others as well and are generally fairly well behaved with a sweet temperament.

Chocolate Labradors

This beautiful Labrador is the most laid back of the bunch. He is happy to be around most anyone as long as they are friendly to him. He is also often the most prone to obesity because of his laid back nature. Keep a close on this Labradors weight and diet and watch his hips closely as extra weight puts extra stress on joints. He sheds but not nearly as much as a yellow Labrador and while he can suffer from dry skin he doesn’t seem to have as many outbreaks of hot spots or other serious skin inflammations problems as the black Labrador.

No matter what type of Labrador you pick you will find that you have an added member to your family and a very energetic member at that. A Labrador is an amazing animal to watch, when they are at the proper weight and in good health they often resemble the muscle tone of a champion stallion as each group of muscles moves fluidly with each step the Labrador takes. Not only are they loving pets they are beautiful creatures. With proper care, feeding and love any of these Labradors will thrive in your home and your family will thrive by having such a loving pet.

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