Labrador Retriever Dogs and Known Health Issues That Can Effect Them

If you are thinking about buying or adopting a Labrador Retriever it is important to learn all of the possible health issues that effect the breed. Knowing these health problems is important so that you get your dog the right treatment it needs right away and save there life if they get sick.

Getting your Lab from a breeder to minimize health risks

It’s always best when buying a Lab puppy to get one from a well known and reputable breeder. Breeders maintain healthier breeding environments and select from a larger gene pool that enables them to breed healthier dogs. There is no way to totally eliminate any risk of health problems, but this will greatly reduce the chances of your dog getting ill.

Common disorders found in the Labrador Retriever breed:

Hip dysplasia

This is probably one of the most common disorders found in the breed and is usually caused by genetics, but sometimes can be a combination of genetics and environmental factors. Hip dysplasia in dogs is sometimes a disorder that shows no signs or symptoms. Sometimes the dog will be in great pain and become unable to walk. The good news that if your Lab happens to develop a sever case of Hip dysplasia, there are some great options for treatment available.


Epilepsy is a disorder in Labs that is also the result of genetic or a combination of genetic and environment. Epilepsy is something that will show up pretty early in the dogs life. Epilepsy will result in your dog having seizures. If your Lab happens to get Epilepsy you should talk with your Vet about the best way to handle it.

Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)

The eye disorder is something that will end up with your dog going blind. There are no symptoms or very few to diagnose PRA until the Lab is almost totally blind. Sometimes night blindness or your dog being afraid to wander into dark areas is a sign that the disease is in its beginning stages. Also look out for eyes that are cloudy. PRA is a genetic disorder that can be screened for.

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