The Labrador Retriever Has a Waterproof Coat

There is no doubt that the Labrador is a very popular pet that is most sought after. Before buying a dog of this breed you must know if you are fitting to each other, so you must research about its traits, needs, uses, costs and requirements. When you choose a Labrador dog check first for its quality (breeding) and for any type of disorders, like temper or genetic defects or diseases.

The Labredor Retriever Is A Crossbreed Of Newfoundland Dog

The Labrador can trace its origins to the island of Newfoundland and is thought to be a descendant of the St. John’s Water dog that is now extinct, which was a crossbred between a native water dog and the Newfoundland with whom the Labrador is closely related. This breed got its name Labrador from the Earl of Malmesbury as well as other breeders in England to set it apart from the Newfoundland dog. Maybe the most distinguishing feature of the Labrador breed is its’ love for water, the dogs of this breed beeing used for a long time by fishermen to help them with the nets, by grabing the floating corks at their end and dragging them towards the shore, reason because they called it the Labrador retriever.

The temperament of Labrador is one of good balance as well as remarkable versatility and it is able to adapt to many functions as well as makes for a very good pet dog. They are very inteligent and usually obedient dogs having none of the bad genetic traits of other breeds and mostly excel with their retrieving abilities. They like to grab and hold different objects but also to chew them and need training to abstain from this habit. Its water dog ascendance gave these dog a water proof coat.

Physical Features

The retrieving abilities of the Labrador breed are based on its physical appearence, of a medium sized and having athletic prowess dog. The main features that sets apart this breed are the short, dense and water resistant coat, the otter like tail, the clean-cut head with the broad back skull and a moderate stop. As a good retriever dog they have powerful jaw you barely remark because of their friendly eyes in which you can see the expression of thier intelligence and quiet sound temperament.

One of the physical characteristics that could disqualify a Labrador retriever as they are presented to any of the official dog contest is their height at the withers, which must be between 22 1/2 and 24 1/2 inches for a male and around an inch less for a female, beeing allowed of half inch. The females usually weight 10 pounds less than males, that can reach from 65 to 80 pounds.

Owning a Labrador would certainly be advantageous as this breed is easy to train and can perform various tasks and is a good companion as well that does not get too aggressive. One can expect many years of good companionship and trouble free ownership of this versatile and pleasing breed. You must consider this is an active and playful dog that likes to explore its new home and will keep you occupied all day long. You can learn more of the Labrador history and habits from this website.

The Labrador dogs have teir origin in the Newfoundland island, their ancestors beeing the Saint John’s water dogs. These dogs are characterized by their shot but waterproof coat, the tail of the shape of an otter and a clean-cut head with a moderate stop. The abilities of the Labrador retriever developed during the time they were helping fishermen to retrive their fishing net from the sea.



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