Mini Labrador

My baby Labradors … really sweet playing around. They are one month old.

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25 Responses to “Mini Labrador”

  1. punkerbluhd says:

    wats better labador …
    wats better labador or golden retriever

  2. heckshotstuff1 says:

    Lab pups are so fat.
    Lab pups are so fat.

  3. watevafilms says:

    Oh My …… I’m in …
    Oh My …… I’m in love LOL. So cute!

  4. ronyehuda says:

    theyre so adorable
    theyre so adorable

  5. tachis2530 says:

    que juguetones y …
    que juguetones y tiernos

  6. iloveyoudave1993 says:

    i have a yellow …
    i have a yellow labrador female, and she weighs 85 pounds but her tallness makes up for it. because her mom wieghted 100 and was 27″ tall and her dad was 150 pounds and was 29″ tall! she has very good parents though. and the vet said for a 7 year old dog she is the healthiest he has ever seen in 28 years

  7. Sureifyouwant says:

    i …
    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee labs!!

  8. windex1122 says:

    like 75 pounds
    like 75 pounds

  9. lilbare68022 says:


  10. RAAHLumberjacks says:

    Aww, so cute!

    So …
    Aww, so cute!

    So chubby
    Love Labradors.

  11. lawachapues says:

    where did the black …
    where did the black puppie come from?haha

  12. N8tiveEyes says:

    how big do they get?
    how big do they get?

  13. bkelaries says:

    Bite you, climb on …
    Bite you, climb on you, I love you really!

  14. poonampooja says:

    i want them….

    i want them….
    please help meeeeeeeee………

  15. PhoenixCreations says:

    i remember when …
    i remember when mine looked like that … ultra cuteness

  16. lolettttt says:

    dice “hola”? …
    dice “hola”? nohablan en ingles? jajaaj

  17. meeri89 says:

    omgosh cuteness
    omgosh cuteness

  18. applekiss1000 says:

    darn, i wish my …
    darn, i wish my golden labrador still looked like these

  19. mileyluver009 says:

    Well baby pups are …
    Well baby pups are supposed to be chubby,and it’s cute when they are chubby,it makes them cuter!

  20. NOBBYSNUTS6 says:

    looks fun
    looks fun

  21. scareme985 says:

    iwant the black one
    iwant the black one

  22. KikiDelivers says:

    Its so cute when …
    Its so cute when they sqeak like that!

  23. Manuelosqi says:

    adorable!!!!!! I …
    adorable!!!!!! I would love to have another dog! Precious & Bubu are great, but a puppy puppy dog, I would dye for one!

  24. EstiiLosa says:

    qe diko ctm :B
    qe diko ctm :B

  25. kyerisa says:

    Andrex watch out …
    Andrex watch out there are some new puppies in town eat your heart out

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