Male or Female Labrador Puppy: A Matter of Personal Preference

There are many things to consider when deciding on the gender of the Labrador puppy one wants to buy since you will be spending a long time in caring and looking after it. It is thus imperative that you are sure that its personality is suitable for you and you should also choose whether you want an active or subdued Labrador puppy. Other things to consider would be how easy it would be to train the Labrador and whether you want a strong willed or friendly pet dog. You may also consider whether the dog should be an attention hog or one that is content to live by itself.

Not Much Difference in Characteristics or Traits

All these factors should be considered since there is really not much to sway a person into deciding whether to have a male or female Labrador puppy in terms of characteristics or traits. The temperament of both genders is noticeably different and getting the pet sprayed or neutered may help eliminate whatever minor differences there are anyway. For owners who require to show or breed the Labrador puppy further, it is important for them to stay very alert and be ready for action that will help prevent unwanted breeding and this may require your male Labrador puppy to be confined safely within the home and in the case of females, they should not be allowed near when she is in heat which is twice yearly.

Generally, the male Labrador is larger than the female and this may tilt the choice in favor of males if one wants a bigger animal. Also, the male Labrador puppy is more dependent than the female Labrador which shows a more independent streak. Most people however, may select a male Labrador instead of a female and the female would be more appropriate if one is thinking of raising a litter and maybe selling them off and recovering the cost of the Labrador puppy in such a manner.

Males may also be preferred by men owners who see in them fellow creatures and feel more comfortable around the male pet than with a female pet. However, what is more important than the gender of the Labrador puppy is that it be well balanced as well of correct structure and conformation and once a particular puppy has more of such qualities the choice should be fairly straightforward to make. If you are also looking for a cuddly pet, then the female Labrador puppy may be more suitable as it likes to cuddle and be cuddled.

Other Pets

Another factor that can help decide on whether to buy a male or female Labrador puppy would be whether you already have a pet and choosing a similar gender pet would be the obvious choice since most dogs of the same gender may like each other’s company and also have fights for gaining the dominant status. Also, dogs of opposite sex generally will not compete with the other sex but get the male neutered so that it does not fight with other dogs over intercourse.

You may be looking for bravery in a dog and for this one may select the male which is generally braver than the female and are also very loyal and are not easy to scare. It is more a question of personal preference that usually decides on whether to buy a male or female Labrador puppy rather than any particular trait or characteristic advantage in one gender over the other. Once the gender is decided upon, one should choose from a list of Labrador puppy names for his new pet.

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