Deciding on the Right Diet to Feed Your Labrador

When considering Labrador care, one has to look at all aspects of its care and also think about what may have consequences later in their lives as well as the effects in the short run. Experts are beginning to believe that certain aspects of Labrador care when they are younger can have adverse effects on your Labrador as he ages; feeding habits being near the top of the list.

Feeding Your Labrador

Bearing in mind that it takes the Labrador three years to fully mature instead of the average two of other dogs, vets are recommending that you feed your Labrador, puppy food for the first three years of their lives as part of the right diet for him. This additional nutrition will assist bone development as your Labrador continues to grow and may reduce risk for certain bone and joint problems later on in life. Consider a lifetime in Labrador care when you are feeding your Labrador pup.

While as human beings we like change in our diet this is not a good idea for your Labrador. Changing their diet can lead to a picky eater and will have you trying to figure out from one week to the next what you Labrador will eat this week. Choose a food that has all the basic nutrients and any additional that you need for your specific Labrador care and stick to it. While there is nothing wrong with the occasional treat, keep them to a minimum as your Labrador does not need the extra calories and if he becomes too used to treats, you will find that he is not eating enough of the right diet that his body needs to grow and maintain good health properly.

Table scraps, while tempting to give to your pet is not recommended when considering Labrador care. Human food is designed for humans, just as you would not eat your Labradors food; resist the temptation to feed him yours. Labradors are voracious eaters and are known to take most anything and swallow it without much chewing. Human food is designed to usually be chewed before swallowing. Your Labrador is likely to get small bones caught in his throat or he may swallow them which can cause many serious health issues. Much of our diet such as cow’s milk is not good for any dog and some foods such as chocolate can be highly toxic to any dog.

Loving and providing good Labrador care can sometime mean saying no. Follow your vets recommendation for the right diet to feed your Labrador and make sure he gets the proper amount of exercise for his size, weight and calorie intake. Never overfeed your Labrador but always make sure they have enough food to maintain both a healthy weight and healthy body. The recommendations vary by age but in general a Labrador should be fed three to four times a day and even a full grown Labrador should never have more than one and a half cups per feeding. If your Labrador is overweight, he still needs to eat throughout the day but you may want to consider going with a low calorie food as part of choosing the right diet for your Labrador. If they are at an optimum weight then stick to your usual brand of dog food. The most important thing you can do in your Labradors care is to feed him the proper amount of food and treat him with some delicacies you can cook for your Labrador.

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