Yellow Labradors

What Is the Song on the Sports Authority Commercial With the Yellow Labrador Retriever?

Monday, April 4th, 2011

I’ve seen the new Sports Authority commercial with the person changing their shoes, and the Labrador/dog spinning in circles and obviously getting excited to go on a run.
Anyway, does anybody know what the song is on that commercial? I’m dying to know!

Ummmm Mariette, you didn’t actually tell the artists name or the song name

I Am Looking for a Yellow Labrador Puppy, but I Dont Know Where to Start.?

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Have looked at a few breeders web sites but none of them say much, how do you know when a litter is due or available for sale? I have browsed some pet stores, but cant seem to find any yellow lab puppies. Sydney area, but willing to travel for the right dog.
wonderful website, puppies from all over, and other pets too!

Is Snap a Good Name for a Male Yellow Labrador Retriever?

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Is Snap a good name for a Male Yellow Labrador Retriever? I’m probably going to get a Lab puppy, but choosing its name is harder than I thought it’d be If you don’t like the name, what do you suggest? Thanks for your input!

Yeah, until he bites someone and you have to try and pretend that the name Snap doesn’t mean you know he is dangerous! (Like in you know he snaps at everyone intending to bite them!) If you know beforehand that your dog is dangerous your liability may cost more!

Should I Get a Jacket for My 2 Month Old Yellow Labrador?

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

I am getting a yellow Labrador puppy. I live in Kitchener/Waterloo Canada and the weather gets pretty cold. I was wondering if I should get the pup a jacket since it’s own coat is probably not fully equiped for the weather yet.

Should I also get something to protect his paws?

Thanks for your response in advance.

No. I’m firmly of the view that even with a young puppy like this, putting a coat on them could stop them growing the natural extra coat that he will need for the Winter out there. Just don’t leave him outside for longer than he needs to do his biz. and under the circumstances, you may need to set up a papered area in front of the external door for the times you have a blizzard going on. I know it gets bad out there and we had a Christmas litter one year (although of course, they didn’t need to put their noses out for several weeks by which time we were getting towards the better weather (well, you know, Ontario and all that ………… May?) but I think I’d just concentrate on getting him out when the sun’s out, for when he needs to go, and otherwise keep him indoors. Ditto with the paws really. It’s usually salt that gets to their feet, not so much the cold - again provided he’s not left standing around out there.

ps What does his breeder recommend?

How Should You Hold a Yellow Labrador Retriever’s Tail in Confirmation?

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Gently, completely strait out from the body like a rudder, the same way they hold it naturally while moving. Are you showing a Lab? I actually handle dogs, including very often Labradors, if you need more help.

In the picture with the man handling Eve, he is holding her tail in about the right spot. I’ve handled their other dogs Tori, Tug, and Dolce. Really great breeders

When Does a Purebred Yellow Labrador Retriever’s Eye Color Change to Brown?

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

We just got an 8 week yellow lab puppy, and his eyes are sort of a dark blue/grey/green color. The parents are purebred and have the standard dark brown eyes. When will his eyes change to that color?

it could be a few more months. the eye color gradually changes so give it time.

Can Anyone Advise on the Best Method to Remove Tear Staining From My Yellow Labradors Face?

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

First and foremost, keep the area clean. I got some stain remover from Petsmart, which you don’t have to rinse and is not an irritant, which I clean her eyes with a couple of times a week. The other days, I clean her face with just plain soap and water.

Secondly, make sure you’re feeding a high quality food. Crap that you buy at Walmart and the grocery store are NOT high quality. You want something with no grains, no corn. If you find that the problem persists, try something with no beef (that means with chicken, lamb or fish as the meat source). Sometimes red meat makes it worse.

Filter your water. Sometimes it’s the minerals in the water that does it.

Make sure the dog doesn’t have allergies. Allergies are going to cause the dogs eyes to water, which is going to cause the staining. Dogs CAN be allergic to grass, ragweed, pollen, etc. Simply wash your dogs face and wipe the rest of them down with a damp washcloth after they come inside - it’ll cut down on the allergens they’re exposed to.

I do not recommend Angel Eyes, or anything else with an antibiotic in it.

Are Yellow Labs Usually a Pure White Color When They Are Puppies?

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

The reason I am asking, is because i am looking into adopting this dog and it says that he is a yellow labrador retriever, but he looks pure white in color..
Thanks for taking the time to answer.

they are quite a lot of the time. Some purebred labs even grow up to be all white! You can usually tell the color they will be when they get older by looking at their ears. My yellow lab was almost all white when he was a puppy, but now he is a light yellow.

I Have a Yellow Labrador in Heat. What Happens if I Mate Another Kind of Labrador?

Friday, September 24th, 2010

If i mate my yellow Labrador with a black Labrador will they produce yellow and black Labradors? Or will a puppy with a color combination be produced? (yellow + black fur)

The coat color genetics are :
"BB = black Lab, no chocolate gene
Bb = black Lab, carries chocolate gene
bb = chocolate Lab, no black gene

Yellow is produced by the presence of a recessive epistatic gene which has the effect of masking the the black or chocolate genes.
EE = no yellow gene
Ee = yellow carrier but apears either black or chocolate
ee = yellow Lab

EEBB =Basic Black (BB)
EEBb =Black that carries Choc. (Bc)
EeBB =Black that carries Yellow(By)
EeBb =Black that carries Yellow and chocolate (Byc)
eeBB =Yellow (Yy) [does not carry chocolate]
eeBb =Yellow that carries Chocolate (Yc)
eebb =chocolate pigmented yellow ~ No Black Pigment (NBP)
EEbb =Chocolate (CC) [does not carry yellow]
Eebb =Chocolate that carries yellow (Cy) "

So what your dog and a black Lab will produce depends on what genetics they carry.

What Is a Great Name for a Male Yellow Lab Decides Marley?

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

I love the name Marley for him but I already have a dog named Harley, so Harley and Marley would be too confusing. He needs a name that is somewhat easy to learn.He is 3 or 4 years old, I adopted him from my city’s dog pound. He appears to be a purebred yellow Labrador and weighs 80 lbs.